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 I’m gonna come out and just say that I don’t go to a lot of movies. Before this last time that I went to the theatre, the last movie that I saw was Rampage. This time, I decided to do a double feature of Sonic the Hedgehog and Birds of Prey, the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn. While I won’t be covering Sonic, I will be talking about the other film. 


It came from space and ate our brains


Let me start by saying this game is addicting. I went in pretty skeptical about it thinking how fun could this game be. After 3 straight hours of game-play, I lost myself in that time. This alien earth take over is addictively colorful and full of challenges at every corner. Does this alien game come up to par? Let's find out.


Bookbound Brigade

 Ever wonder what it's like to save the literary world? Well, you now have the opportunity to in Bookbound Brigade. A new game with awesome features and a great storyline, but does it hold up to par with some of the other 2d platformers? Let's find out. 


The Witcher and the Boon of Other Mediums

 The Witcher 3 struck a surprising renaissance recently with the release of the Netflix series of the same name. While a boost was sure to be expected, the heights it reached probable were not. Other games have received similar upticks but recently it seems to be more effective marketing than in the past.  


Apex Season 4

 Apex Legends recently started into its 4th season on February 4th, the game's one year anniversary. With the release of the new season, Respawn introduced new weapons, new map areas and a new legend, but what else lies in the future of Apex Legends? 


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First Impressions on The Blackout Club w/AlectheCleric

 Hey guys check out this awesome little indie we got a firstlook at! 


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