Borderlands 3 Review


The big question when crafting sequels to popular games is whether an overhaul is needed, potentially alienating longtime fans, or if sticking with a working formula is the way to go.

Inside Review


 Inside is a puzzle-platformer adventure game developed and published by Playdead in 2016, the same developers of the game Limbo. The game follows a boy traversing his way through a “2.5D” dystopian world solving puzzles and avoiding death 

Life is Strange #7


 Our story starts out with us seeing Tristan and how he came about his powers. In an alley about to buy what I think are drugs the drug sale goes wrong and they are being held at gun point him and his friend.  

First Impressions: Gears of War 5


Gears of War 5 dropped September 6 and while the graphics are gorgeous and the story line is fun (so far), it is a bit broken.

The Art of Battle


With the release of the new Pokémon Masters mobile game, I finally get to get something off of my chest. When we originally started our journey to catch em all and become a Pokémon Master

The memes have already begun.


Sony and Disney announced a couple days ago that Spiderman is being pulled from the MCU and already there are a plethora of memes floating around Twitter about the old Sony Spiderman films that were cringey in a lot of ways compared to this new reboot.  


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First Impressions on The Blackout Club w/AlectheCleric

 Hey guys check out this awesome little indie we got a firstlook at! 


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