Read Only Memories Issue #1

 We start off by meeting our main character Lexi. She’s a private detective and on the case to find out if this woman is a cheater. Lexi meets Mrs.Okimura for one reason she was hired by her wife to find out if she’s been cheating, and she wants to make it as easy as possible because those clothes and shoes are not very comfortable. She meets her at a nice place in the Hill, what I see that would a nice part of the city. She talking to her about her likes and then she gets made by another robot Hedy, she finds away to make her think she’s got the wrong person and moves on with Mrs.Okimura. She’s got all the technology she needs to get the job done and does so simply by trying on her glasses.

Soon the interview is over, and they head out. She heads home and hears a knock on the door and she’s Hedy the robot who wants to hire her for a private investigation. She tells Lexi that her love John has gone missing. The last time they spoke is a day ago and he was going to leave to get her valentines day gift ready but this time he leaves without a trace or even telling Hedy anything. Hesitant at first, she decides to take the case and starts by visiting Johns house.

Arriving at Johns quickly sees that John is a guy of routine and that this is out of the ordinary, but everything in his home is in perfect condition. Why would he ghost her though? Also, why would he drain his savings account?  Lexi decides to take a walk and heads to Crimson bar to clear her mind and to see Mahita. Its clear that Lexi has feelings for Mahita and so does she but Mahita is working and on a soon to be smoke break, so she decides to meet her out back. While Lexi is waiting, she is hit by the Tribal gang who don’t want her snooping around the Harvest.

Bruised and beat up you can see that something is going on and there’s a reason the tribal gang doesn’t want her snooping. But why? Well we will find out next issue!

This is a four part series and is published by IDW publishing.



Life is Strange #8


Well Max did it she time jumped, and she now knows what’s about to happen at this party, so she proactively calls the ambulance and is ready for when Rachels friend collapses from whatever form of drug she took. She rushes outside to see Tristan in the alley with the two men who are about to sell drugs, but this time its too late. Tristan disappears and they take max. Yes, you read that right they take Max and are basically deciding what they should do with her. Tristan goes to find Chole and Rachel and tells them Max is in danger. It then jumps over to Max who is trying to convince these guys to let her go but annoyed they strike her down hitting her face as she hits the pavement. She starts to think about how she could possibly time jump out of this one but then Tristan appears, and it looks like he is now able to control his powers. Just as things are about to get thick for Tristan, Rachel walks in and she is live streaming everything to her millions of followers with Chole following suit. The two men decide to leave but it’s a little too late now, the cops show up and take them in. Our comic ends with Chole, Rachel and Max at the diner listening to a rock band when Chole has a moment of Deja vu, and this is where our 2nd season of LiS comics end with the famous line

This Action will have Consequences………...


Life is Strange #7

Our story starts out with us seeing Tristan and how he came about his powers. In an alley about to buy what I think are drugs the drug sale goes wrong and they are being held at gun point him and his friend. Afraid and feeling a strange feeling inside he goes invisible and its at that moment that he does that they shoot his friend just as the cops arrive and he dies. Tristan considers this gift a curse.

Then next instance we pick up with a forward scene of max a Tristan in his room and he’s basically telling her about his powers and she’s telling him hers. They seem to be getting into a closer relationship when Chole and Rachel walk into the house calling out to max. Max comes out of the room and introduces Tristan to both of them. Tristan leaves as to not have that awkward encounter only for Chole to get upset that she’s able to talk to Tristan and not her. She storms off into the other room. Rachel explains to Max that she hopes when she’s ready she will talk to them and let them know what is going on. 

Off we go to a party where Rachel is there getting contacts since she is an actress. Max and Chole talk and she confides in her telling her she will be soon tell her everything that is going on. Its in this very moment that one of Rachels friends’ overdose! She collapses while at the party so Max runs outside to call the police, its at this moment Max realizes that she did a small-time jump. She is in that moment with Tristan and his friend back in time at the drug deal. You hear a loud BANG, and this is where #7 ends! 

What a cliff hanger!! I love how they keep me interested by leaving such huge cliffhangers for us to keep on coming right back! Until next time when we get to look at #8! Stay Geeky my friends! 


Life is Strange #6


So, we start back in our story back with the amazing dynamic duo but not as it should be. Its Rachel and Chole not Max and Chole. As you remember Max sacrificed her happiness for the happiness of Chole. In doing so she finds it difficult to mentally shut herself off and not get hurt when she sees them together, also because of the face that she likes Rachel amber as a friend. So, the comic takes us to the grocery store where the mysterious man in black that only max can see. As she is in the store, she sees him walk out and stealing she follows him into an alley and that’s where he finally confronts her. Why do you see me when other don’t, its at this point that Max realizes that they must be connected in some way …? but how? So, he leaves, and she heads home with Rachel confronting her about leaving her in the store. Max stumbles to explain herself and how she’s feeling since she can’t really tell them the truth. Hurt and upset she goes into her room where she is contemplating leaving that time space, and just as she is about to do it Chole walks in and tries to understand and be there for her. OH but if she only knew the truth and how much it hurts Max. Off the three go to the coffee show where Max and Chole other band friends from the other universe goes to hang out with chole and Rachel at this point max needs some air its at this point that our man in back comes and tells her she’s not crazy and the comic ends! Could he be a space traveler? Could he be able to skip time as well? I don’t know well find out next issue.


Batman: Death in the Family #426

   This one's an old one but one I feel needed to get read and reviewed. This story is all about Jason Todd and how he seems to always make irrational decisions and jumping into things that he sometimes needs to think about. That is how our story starts. Troubled with a decision about what to do with Jason Batman decides that it would be best he take a step back and just take some time to work out his demons especially with his mom. While all of this is going on Joker is in the background getting his hands on a missile and taking it apart to take it overseas to get his hands on some money since the Gotham city police have seized all his warehouses. Switch over to Jason Todd and here we are back in his old home and he runs into a neighbor who is able to reminisce about what had happened in that house. Well, it's at this point that Jason Todd realizes that the mother he thought he had was actually not his mom it was another woman. After some research, he finds his biological mother and gets on a place thanks to the financial help of Bruce Wayne. It's at this point that Alfred finds Jason's letter and tells Batman but he has more pressing matters to take of especially with Joker on the loose. This is where it all ends! I really enjoyed reading this one and can't wait to continue it. Have you read it? Let me know what you think!


God of War #2

Its been a while since we left Kratos and the huge bear that he had to battle. We left issue #1 with Kratos successfully killing the bear and his brothers arrive to get revenge for the death of their brother. We start this comic with Kratos being able to defeat one of the bears and the other fleeing saying he will return later with his clan at a later time to kill Kratos and I assume his family as well. No work on whether the mom is alive and I believe she isn't but that hasn’t been addressed quite yet. Kratos decides to go after the bear and follow his trail and has Atreus follow him. He eventually is lead into a forest where he has lost his trail. Nervous and afraid to make any suggestions to Kratos, Atreus decides to tell him about a seer that his mother normally goes to get counsel from. Atreus knows the way and leads Kratos to her home. As Kratos walks inside it seems that the seer already knows who he is and tells him to come in. She unveils that she knows why he is there and lets him know that she knows where the other bear went off to. We end this comic with Kratos being shocked! How could this be? Welp that is where #2 ends leaving us in suspense! Make sure to check out this comic or come back for more! Wanna see a certain comic on here? Let me know! Until next time stay Geeky!


Life is Strange #4


We made it. This is the end of the Dust collection and the end to this story. By this time, we already know that the story will continue in May but right now boy do they leave us with a cliffhanger. Let’s Begin! We start this comic with Max, she’s in a flicker and she’s looking at all the possibilities that come with all the dimensions she could or should be in. It’s at this point that she wakes up a realizes that she never asked Chole who or what she wanted, by who I mean Rachel. Yes, Rachel Amber is here yet again and if you are like me and played the game before the storm you realize that this is a character that meant everything to Chole. Personally, I feel like Rachel was her girlfriend and she loved her more than a friend and clearly, I’m not the only one thinking it Max asks Chole the same question, which she didn’t have to ask her that because Max already knew the answer. It seems like the question here is who Max is supposed to be with at this point or is she even in the correct realm. Its right here where there is a tear in the realm that she is in now that she sees she is dead maybe in this realm or another but somewhere in one of them she is dead. This sudden epiphany hits her, and she realizes she needs to find her realm and stay there. She takes chole to tag up a location to share one last moment with her, at this point chole knows what is going on and tells her she loves her and its ok she understands and know and then the moment happens……. They share one last kiss. The following day is the Arcadia Bay one year later restoration it is at this point Max allows herself to fade into a realm of times, this time she chooses Chole to be happy with Rachel and Max seems to be with Warren, but she wakes up in a world on a beach where Rachel and Chole are together. At this point we think things will be ok but you look at the bottom corner and it says the line that brings dread to any one who has played the game………...” This Action Will Have Consequences”.


Life is Strange Comic #3

Well we are back where we left off. Our dynamic duo back at Chole’s original house where we left off as Max was passing out and about to hit the floor. In this one she wakes up on Choles old bed still not understanding what is going on, this story is about to all make sense as we get closer to the end. As they are getting up they decide to go to Blackwell and see if anything changes from Max’s condition of time jumping, it is at this time that she sees Warren. Yep back in the game Warren has a major crush on Max and depending on how you played your story you can either make her gear towards him or towards Chole. Needless to say I chose Chole. Back to our comic.  It is at this time that she leaps back into the now, then BOOM the moment you have been waiting for at least I know I have she leaps into a time where Rachel is alive. Rachel runs up to Max and Chole and tells them about Max’s old teacher getting arrested for dating a younger girl. Well it is at this time that Rachel notices Chole holding Max’s hand and asks if their date is off, Chole is shocked and doesn’t know what to say and lets go of Max,s hand. Yep from this I am gathering that Chole still has feelings for Rachel. Chole walks away and says she needs some time to sort her thoughts and this is when warren appears yet again. Warren tells max that she is from a different time and that she seems to be, from  what I understand, time leaping but they call it flickering. At this point things start to make sense to her. What happens next you will find out soon as we go over the next and last comic of Life is strange!


Life is Strange Comic #2

      Let us pick back up where we left off with our dynamic duo Chole and Max. With the decision to go back to Arcadia bay they decided it was time to travel there. Yes, we get to see Chole's good old beat up pick up truck. You may remember this if you played the games in Life is Strange and Life is strange: Before the storm.  While they are traveling it looks like the truck has overheated causing them to have to pull over. This means a delay on the road and Max to get yet another nose bleed. Keep in mind we have not yet found the significance of the nose bleed yet.

    Finally arriving at Arcadia Bay they see a huge sign in honor of Nathan Prescott. Now, let's take a small step back and put some history behind that name. In the gam,  forgive me if this is a spoiler but if you have not played the game and are reading the comic STOP right here because it's about to spoil it all for you……………Ok, now that they have hopped off let's continue our spoiler. Nathan Prescott is, in fact, the person that killed Rachel Amber, you know the girl you find the flyers about all over the school? Yep, he claims it was an accident however I feel differently about that. Ok back to the comic walking thru the rubble we see the diner and Max decides to walk in she sees Chole's mom yes you guessed it she has time-warped unwillingly again and this time Chole can see it by holding Max’s hand! Feeling emotional about everything Chole decides to go back and see her old home. 

    It is here that things take a very intense turn. Max can see Joyce and speak to her however Joyce cannot see Chole. Why you may ask? Chole, as we are slowly finding out, is in fact dead. It seems that when Max chose her over saving Arcadia Bay she interrupted something in time and changed the fate of what was supposed to be, we know now, a world without Chole. It is at this point where we see Max come to grips with what she has done and passes out and that my fellow geeks are where this comic number 2 ends! They sure know how to leave you in suspense! Until the next comic stay Geeky!


God of War #1

   AHHH Kratos! If you played the new God of War the comic is something that you definitely want to pick up! We start off with Atreus playing with small figures and here comes Kratos asking where is your mother and demanding that Atreus gets to his chores his mother left him in charge of. He's off going into the woods to test himself. He does this to find himself and worthy challenge and runs into a startles deer whos is frightened by a bear. Now I know you're wondering what is it that he's trying to control? Well, it seems that Kratos is trying to get a grasp at his Rage and not allow it to control him. Finally, he stumbles on the bear and is able to challenge the bear as we all know Kratos comes out victorious kill the bear who the………Are you ready?............. Transforms into a human! Yep, it was a person who turns into a bear. Nonetheless out hero goes home only to find that Atreus has not completed his chores and hears a noise in the woods. Well, guess what? The bear had brothers who are seeking revenge!

  You guessed it that is where our tale ends. Now, this was an extremely short comic however, I cannot do it justice just by telling you about the story. The art in this comic is like no other and I love it! I am so glad that Darkhorse is helming the front line to tell this story and I cannot wait! Well for now its…

To be Continued……


The Shape of Elvira #1

      When I went to the comic book store yesterday I saw an Elvira comic. Stemming from my childhood and the fact that it was a #1 I decided that I would pick up this gem and see what it was about. I can honestly tell you that I am not disappointed.

     It starts off in a comical sense, her getting you to want to turn the page and read the rest of the comic. We start off by getting a call from the manager saying she’s got a huge opportunity for the Mistress of Darkness. So in true fashion, she shows up and wants to know what is so important to have her go down there. It turns out she’s got a huge offer from Bill Bullworth the major   Producer. She goes down to his mansion and gets parked up in a room and waits while reading a book. In comes the butler and has her sign a million NDA agreements, she then accidentally finds a secret door behind the bookcase and gets stuck back there only to find out that it is all his movie sets down there. Following the path of the maze as best as she can remember she finds a door. She finds Billy Bullworth’s ghostwriter and is able to lead her back into the mansion only to get caught into an impromptu audition and meeting her co-star and finally meets Billy Bullworth. He trails her along to a locked vaulted room and it finally able to meet her co-star MrGillsman. This Mr.Gillsman doesn't look of the human kind however that is what we will find out next issue!

    This comic seems to be a comedic approach to The shape of water and is actually really fun reading it. I cannot wait for the 2nd one! This is a really good read IF you like the comedic side of comics.


Life is Strange #1


   When I first heard that there was going to be a life is strange comic it was a little late. I had known that the first one came out, but I didn’t know how to get my hands on it. Thankfully I found it on ebay but continue to get the newest ones at my local comic book store know by Lost Dog Comics in El Paso Tx.

   The first comic does a quick summary of Life is Strange where Max chooses to save Chole over Arcadia Bay. Thankfully I originally made this decision when I first played the game so for me it was a continuation to the story and decisions I played. Our duo take place in Seattle where they have made it their home with friends. All is calm until they see the news that Arcadia Bay is being rebuilt. Thankfully Chole walks and turns off the news as to not upset Max. Chatting a little with her friends, she decides to speak with Max privately in the restroom it’s at this point you start to get the feel that Max is losing control of her powers and is jumping time back and forth without her controlling it. I’m not sure if this is significant but every time she does she gets a nose bleed. Moving on thru the day Max has plans to go to a party with her new friends and tells Chole to go with her it’s at this point you see Max jump time again in which she has an argument with Chole that doesn’t take place in the now. Later this happens at the party too however in this jump it turns out Chole is Dead. Talk about a twist! She goes back in to normal time and finds Chole where she makes the decision to go back to Arcadia Bay to perhaps help her get back to where this whole thing started and that my friends is where comic one ends.

   A few questions that I asked myself on this one! Are Chole and Max together? Dating? I can’t seem to peg their relationship. I feel like they were together but I’m sure were going to find out more in the next few comics. If they are in fact friends why do they make it to a “I need you” type of relationship? Eventually Max would move on a Chole would be left to find her new soul mate I would believe? Also, what happened to Rachel Ambers funeral? Where do we get an update on her? Who knows at this point I am glad they decided to continue this story in comic format. Stay tuned for Comic #2.