Interview Series



JoPaWrites here once again, this time with Magzkillgore, a truly unique artist and great person.

JoPa: How did you into art originally?

Magz: I’ve had an interest in art since I was very young, and I started drawing in my early 20’s. But I really got serious about it in my late 20’s as I started painting. I had linked up with some graffiti artists and watching them helped it click in my brain on what I wanted to do. It really helped me find my own style by seeing their creativity.

J: Describe your art in a few sentences:

M: It has elements of graffiti, cartoons I really draw inspiration from and my art comes from a place of anxiety so it seems very erratic to others. When I am making art I can focus on that one singular thing that is something I can’t do with other things in life.

J: What advice would you give someone who is looking to get into art?

M: I would tell them to try and make friends with folks who already do art, so you can get constructive criticism and inspiration. The moment I joined various art communities I learned so much. Beginning in art is also a very slow burn and it will take time to take off. If you aren’t seeing consistent progression then I don’t think you are doing it right as every artist should be trying to get better. Staying humble is super important as you grow, because art should be a place of positivity. Its very heart breaking when you meet artistic idols who have a negative, sometimes toxic attitude. 

J: Who are some artists that have inspired you? 

M: I’m pretty involved in the local hip hop scene and graffiti artists who have really inspired me. The best thing about Twitch was meeting Zaezar and joining his discord. His community was amazing to help me with constructive criticism and making my art better. 

J: Where do you look for creativity?


M: Cartoons are a big place for me, but I’ll also go to thrift stores once a week and look for unique objects to use. I’ll paint on bottles or garbage and make art out of it. Colors out in everyday life really stand out to me and also help me figure out the direction to go. Comic books are another big influence for me as I read them all the time. Video games as well, especially indie platformers like Cuphead where I can do tribute pieces with my unique twists on them. 

J: What hobbies do you have outside of your art?

M: I go to a lot of live music shows, as well as comic books and video games. 

J: Do you have commissions open?

M: My commissions are normally always open, with the easiest place to find me at where all my pieces for the last 4 years can be found. You can also reach me at

J: What else would you like the readers to know so they can get a better feel for who Magz is. 

M: I’m a huge advocate for pit bulls and ending breed specific legislation. I’m also a huge mental health advocate, I’ve seen so many things so it’s important people know they can come to me to help point them in the right direction. Creative communities are often filled with folks who deal with anxiety, depression and don’t know where to turn. Everyone has their own issues and I want to be approachable as a safe place for people to come to when going through things. 

Veronica Joan


Here with Veronica Joan, self-published author of the Guardians series who also happens to be my Fiancé. Her creativity is an inspiration to me every day. 

JoPa: How did you get your writing start?

Veronica: I’ve always enjoyed writing small stories with my mom, and it was something I’ve always wanted to do. I spent time as a kid zoning out and getting in trouble for getting distracted by the tales I thought of. 

J: How long have you been writing?

V: I started my first book at age 16 then published it by 18. Truthfully I’ve been writing as much as possible from the moment I learned to do so. 

J: Describe your series in a few sentences:

V: It’s a multi-realm adventure focused on two sides of one former whole. One side seeks to unify the people once more while the other looks for absolute dominion. Caught between them is an unwitting protagonist linked by ancient bonds. 

J: What advice would you give someone who is looking to self-publish?

V: Take your time, you want the book to be exactly what you want it to be. Don’t think you need to get it up and out as soon as possible. There are great writing communities on social media so reach out to them and get to know as many other writers as possible. And don’t be afraid to have people you trust read your book and give you a bit of honest feedback. 

J: What is your favorite genre of books and why? 

V: I believe it would be fantasy, as I like to imagine there is that little bit of mystery and magic in the world. Not everything is as cut and dry as it may seem. It also allows me that bit of escapism from everyday life. That said I’m pretty open to many different kinds of fiction. 

J: Where do you look for creativity? 

V: Music really inspires me and anytime I write I listen to it. Different songs and versus help set the mood and channel the creativity I’m looking for. 

J: Hobbies outside of writing? 

V: I love animals, especially my two dogs. And if I’m not writing you can usually find me ready or going down a Youtube rabbit hole. I also really enjoy traveling and want to do more of that going forward. Reddit scary stories are also a guilty pleasure of mine. 

J: When can we expect your next book release?

V: The next title in the series arrives this upcoming summer in 2019 and it will definitely show my evolution as a writer. 

J: Where can folks find you to stay in touch with your writing?

V: I update my progress on Twitter at I will have an announcement on a firm release date in the coming months and you can expect previews in the near future.